- Minimize to Maximize - If a computer can do it better.

The Minimize to Maximize Concept

Use your time and effort for things that really cares. Put first things first again. Stop juggeling with data and Excelsheets. Let your computer do the stuff. This little machine loves to it for you, because it is a thing he can do best. While you can do other thing better like CREATIVE THINKING to make a step forward.

Little Happy Agents

What about having an army of little helpers crawling and collecting the data you need? Wouldn't that be great! And than the little agents notify you if something happens or is new what you defined without be bothered over and over again? Amazing!
Stop being interrupted by less importanted issues.

E-Commerce never seen before

You have one shop and it is running nicely. Why change this system by installing more and more modules? What if a new version comes out or you like to install another shop with another software?
Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a solution that is not tied to any shopsystem and can operate indepentently?

Use them everywhere

Our little agents can be run on a computer or a server. Can be put together as a swarm or run solely. They are flexibel and adaptable to be ready for YOUR needs.

Max Support

We provide fast and high quality support for all customers. Feel free to contact us, we try to respond to everyone within 24 hrs. period.

Little About Us

We are bored to do the same thing over and over again. We like lightweight software system based on components that worked together to achieve a greater good. Reusable compoments like these in the electronic world is our goal.
The e-commerce business relies heavy on software system and the data need are enourmous. So we thought having little agents to do the repetive stuff for us would be a great joy. And we are ENJOYING it everyday!

Our Mission

Making the collection of data easier and give the computer all the repetive stuff, because he can do it better and faster than we. We like to use our brain for CREATIVE THINKING, what we can do far better than our little agent.

Our Vision

bizness rocket likes to add a piece to the Internet, where machines and humans can aquire data they need. Machines like to have a standard way to access data, while we humans like to have a nice looking and an easy to use one.

Contact Us

We are ready for any challenges, We maximize your business while minimize the effort you need to put in. Feel free to contact us anytime to maximize your business and achieve new way of thinking.


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Danny Gerst
Gleiwitzer Str. 11
48565 Steinfurt

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